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Aims and Objectives

According to the Society’s Articles, the objects of the Society are:

  1. To secure the adoption of the principle of proportional representation by the method of the single transferable vote (preferential voting with quota counting) in elections in the British Isles and elsewhere for parliaments, provincial, regional and local authorities, other public and semi-public bodies and for officers and governing bodies corporate or unincorporate; and to facilitate development, improvement and mechanisation of the techniques associated therewith; To advocate and support other measures, not being inconsistent with the above which are conducive to:
    a. Strengthening democratic governance;
    b. Maximising voter participation;
    c. Ensuring that elections are conducted according to standards of fairness and equality, and that counting processes are transparent and open to scrutiny;
    d. Ensuring that electoral processes are regulated so that no interest is able to secure an unfair advantage; and/or
    e. Implementing internationally accepted standards of electoral practice; and
  2. To advance the study of electoral science.

If you wish to become, or are already a member, we recommend that you read the full Articles of Association and Byelaws of the Electoral Reform Society.

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If you donate more than £24 you can get a year's membership of the ERS, at no extra cost. You must agree with the aims and objectives of the Electoral Reform Society to join.


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